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GRK 1482 Jahrbuch 2011-2014

JUNIOR PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS Page 30 | GRK Progress Report 2011-2014 Education / Degrees 1998 - 2005 Veterinary Medicine, University of Bologna, Italy March, 2005 European Specialist Degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 2006 - 2009 PhD student in Biotechnological applications in Neuromor- phophysiology (University of Bologna, Italy) April, 2009 Ph.D. Thesis defense Positions held 2009 to date Postdoctoral fellow Lehrstuhl für Humanbiologie, Technische Universität München Research Interests and Achievements The work of Dr. Gemma Mazzuoli is mainly focused on the neurophysiology of the gastrointestinal tract. In particular her interest is in the sensory phy- siology of the enteric nervous system (ENS). The ENS is an autonomous nervous system that regulates reflex pathways responsible of the control of the gastrointestinal functions. The ENS contains sensory neurons able to transduce chemical and mechanical stimuli in order to initiate these re- flexes. Dr. Mazzuoli, using an ultra-fast neuroimaging technique, is inves- tigating the electrophysiological property of enteric neurons responding to mechanical and or chemical stimulations. She described a novel class of multifunctional mechanosensitive enteric neurons in the intestine. Some of these neurons encode for dynamic deformation and were named „Rapidly Adapting Mechanosensitive Enteric Neurons“ (RAMEN). Others encode for sustained deformation and were defined „Slowly Adapting Mechanosensi- tive Enteric Neurons“ (SAMEN). With these findings she proposed a novel concept of sensory processing in the ENS based on the cooperative activity of multifunctional neurons as part of a sensory network. This concept is transferable across species and regions. This work significantly advances the knowledge on sensory processing in the ENS. The work of Dr. Mazzuoli is aimed to find novel models that apply for basic enteric neurobiology as well as for disease associated sensorimotor disor- ders in the gut. Dr. Gemma Mazzuoli Technische Universität München Human Biology Liesel-Beckmann-Str. 4, D-85350 Freising-Weihenstephan Selected Publications Kugler EM, Mazzuoli G, Demir IE, Ceyhan GO, Zel- ler F, Schemann M. Activity of protease-activated receptors in primary cultured human myenteric neurons. Front Neurosci. 2012, 6:133. Mazzuoli G, Schemann M. Mechanosensitive enteric neurons in the myenteric plexus of the mouse intestine. PLoS One. 2012, 7(7):e39887. Michel K, Michaelis M, Mazzuoli G, Mueller K, Vanden Berghe P, Schemann M. Fast Calcium and voltage sensitive dye imaging in enteric neu- rons reveal calcium peaks associated with sin- gle action potential discharge. J Physiol. 2012, 589(Pt 24):5941-5947. Schemann M, Mazzuoli G. Multifunctional me- chanosensitive neurons in the enteric nervous system. Auton Neurosci. 2010, 153:21-25. Mazzuoli G, Schemann M. Multifunctional Rapid- ly Adapting Mechanosensitive Enteric Neurons (RAMEN) in the myenteric plexus of the guinea pig ileum. J Physiol. 2009, 587(Pt 19):4681-4694. Research Goals Identify anatomically and functionally the gastrointestinal circuits involved in the con- trol of the intestinal peristalsis and secre- tion and understand their connection with the other division of the autonomic nervous system innervating the gut From single neuronal level to reconstruct the entire gut neuronal network activity, in order to provide a reliable model to study neuronal network activities regulating physiological and pathological gut func- tions