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GRK 1482 Jahrbuch 2011-2014

QUALIFYING CONCEPT OF THE GRK Page 6 | GRK Progress Report 2011-2014 The area of nutrition and food sciences is rapidly developing at the edge of health and disease. With our selected research projects and the educational framework we expect to train junior scientists for the future challenges in academia as well as industry. The challenge for this new generation of young scientists is to establish an interdisciplinary portfolio of know- ledge across a variety of different research disciplines in order to be able to translate basic science into human relevance and clinical application. The Qualifying Concept is based on four pillars • Specific mentoring of each PhD-fellow by 2 PIs framed by GRK annual retreats with all supervisors and international advisers. • A project-based and PI-guided methodology workshop self- organized by the PhD-fellows (peer-to-peer). • AmandatoryseminarseriescoveringallscientificGRKthemes (blue, green, orange) including a „violett“ seminar (industry and science organizations) and a final Science Camp for each PhD generation. • A well-structured career-development program organized within the TUM Graduate School shaping soft skills and social competence across a wide range of disciplines. Study Program The Study Program is the core of the Qualifying Concept of the GRK. The Study Program is dedicated to • shape scientific skills and research experience • foster self-organized project management • achieve project-based and PI-guided training • develop soft skills, social competences and professional networks relevant for academic and industrial careers. These goals are achieved by the following activities: 1. Activities directed towards shaping scientific skills and research experience • 1st year retreat with project specific presentations of the PhD-fellows. • Scientific seminar series (every second week within summer/ winter term). • Project-basedandPI-guidedpeer-to-peermethodologywork- shop to be completed in 1st half of the PhD. • 2nd year on site campus meeting providing guidance and mentoring by PIs and international experts. • 3rd year Science Camp for 2nd and 3rd PhD generations. 2. Activities directed towards developing soft skills and social competences • TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) provides a portfolio of ad- vanced qualification courses through training institutions such as Carl von Linde-Akademie and WIMES. • Networking events through excursions to international aca- demic and industrial partners. • Seminar series on career requirements and development (violett seminars). • Self-organized team building events. Photo: Tom Clavel Qualifying Concept of the GRK