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GRK 1482 Jahrbuch 2011-2014

GRK Progress Report 2011-2014 | Page 83 Photo: Sieglinde Aiblinger Your notes: In May 2013 the first Science Camp of the GRK 1482 takes place at the Monastery Seeon. To facilitate the process of internationalization in the scientific education of the PhD fellows, we im- plement a Science Camp in the 3rd year of the PhD program. This is a new platform allowing an in- tense interaction with colleagues and external ad- visers as well as invited guest speakers and PhDs from privileged international partners such as Wa- geningen University and University of São Paulo. As these partners exhibit substantial overlap in scien- tific expertise and research curricula with the GRK 1482 at TUM we expect this interaction to generate synergisms. The Science Camp aims to foster (i) scientific exchange and critical expert-review of projects at the international level and (ii) the esta- blishment of fruitful collaborations and networks in a bottom-up approach. The Science Camp should thereby add substantial stimuli to fine tune PhD projects at an advanced stage of the program. This setting challenges the PhD students to criti- cally reflect the status of their work while entering the final phase of their research period. SCIENCE CAMP AT MONASTERY SEEON Science Camp at Monastery Seeon | May 10 - 12, 2013