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GRK 1482 Jahrbuch 2011-2014

COMPLETE LIST OF ALL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM ELEMENTS IN THE 2ND FUNDING PERIOD GRK Annual Report 2011-2014 | Page 7 Event Year Duration Content Participants (mandatory in bold) Organized by 1st year Retreat 2014 2 days Project presentations by new PhD students; discussion with PIs and advisory board members PhD students PIs Advisory board members GRK-management 2nd year Meeting on Campus 2012 2015 2 days 2 days Progress reports by PhD students discussion with PIs PhD students PIs GRK-management 3rd year Science Camp 2013 2016 3 days 3 days Oral and poster presen- tation of project results by PhD students, key lectures by 6-9 international experts; discussion of results and open questions. PhD students PIs Advisory board members International experts GRK-management PhD students PIs Co-Mentoring 2012-2017 annual PhD students discuss project progress and future directions with their co-mentor PhD students Co-mentor PhD students Seminar Series 2012-2017 every second week Invited guest speakers covering the three topical areas of the GRK PhD students, Assoc. PhDs, PIs, open to all sci- entists on campus GRK-management PhD students and assoc. PhDs Project-based PI-guided peer-to-peer methodology workshop 2012 2015 3 x 3-day training units 15 different training options covering the broad technical expertises of all GRK laboratories PhD students PhD students optional for assoc. PhDs Excursions 2012 2015 once with each PhD generation visit of universities or industry PhD students, PIs GRK-management Soft Skill Training 3 in 3 years free choice PhD students GRK-management, TUM-GS, WIMES, Carl von Linde-Akademie Kick-off Meeting 2014 4 days Start up seminar PhD students TUM-GS Final Seminar 2017 1 day Conclusions PhD students TUM-GS International research phase, 6 weeks including conferences, research abroad, excursions, lab courses, etc. Complete List of All Educational Program Elements in the 2nd Funding Period