Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge


Study Program

The Study Program of the GRK 1482 is dedicated to

  • Shape scientific skills and research experience
  • Foster self-organized project mangements
  • Achieve projetct-based and PI-guided training
  • Develop soft skills, social competences and professional networks relevant for academic and industrial careers

These goals are achieved by the following activities:

Activities directed towards shaping scientific skills and research experience:

  • First year retreat with project specific presentations of the PhD students
  • Scientific seminar series (every second week within summer/winter term) 
  • Project-based and PI-guided peer-to-peer methodology workshop to be 
    completed in first half of the PhD
  • Second year campus meeting providing guidance and mentoring by PIs and international experts
  • Third year Science Camp for second and third PhD generations

 Activities directed towards developing soft skills and social competences

  • TUM Graduate School provides a protfolio of advanced qualification courses through training institutions such as Carl von Linde Akademie and WIMES
  • Networking events through excursions to international academic and industrial partners
  • Seminar series on career requirements and development (violett seminars)
  • Self-organized team building events